Skinny Rebel Workout

I recently tried my first Train dirty London Skinny Rebel Workout with James Bolton and got to look like Bane from Batman (every gals dream!)

So what makes Skinny Rebel different from all the other workouts out there?IMG_6256

You wear a not so flattering altitude mask which restricts your oxygen intake making your muscles work harder and  you have to actively think about breathing. I now think breathing in it self is a bloody talent! 

The mask has different settings and three valves, I started on the lowest. It  definitely took me a while to get use. You have to control your breathing and only breath from your nose. When you’re a sweaty mess jumping up and down doing burpees, this is pretty darn challenging. I found myself constantly having the urge to breathe through my mouth, it took a lot of control and resistance to just breathe through my nose. 

In total there were 5 rounds of various exercises, 2 of which involved the mask. To the people doing 5 rounds with the masks on, you are crazy but a legend of a human being.  

I do my fair share of classes so I’d like to think I’m capable of HiiT orientated exercises but I found this session pushed me further. You go from one exercise to another without knowing what’s coming next, I couldn’t keep track of how long each exercise was  which was nerve wracking for me as an knowing when the end is helps to keeps me going. Luckily James did a last 3 second countdown otherwise I may have given up! 

I’d definitely recommend it if you want to challenge yourself that bit more further or just fancy trying something different. You’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone and may sound like a pig when breathing with the mask but once you master it, it’ll almost be a walk in the park (when it’s really windy and pouring down with rain). 

To find out more click here

KP x

Waste Not. Want Not.

Here’s 2 statistics for you:

  • In the UK, over 7 million tonnes of food and drink is thrown away from our homes every year
  • Over 1/2 of this food could of actually been eaten. 

Recently I wrote a recipe in collaboration with Healthbox Kitchen and FoodCycle. I loved the concept behind the £1 recipe and the ethos behind Food Cycle. The main concept behind FoodCycle is to reduce food waste and tackle food poverty. I was keen to get involved so I signed up as a volunteer on their website as the idea of all the surplus food going straight into landfills frustrates me when there are so many people who do not have access to nutritious meals for one reason or another.

Signing up to volunteer at their FoodCycle Hub Session was all really simple. I think the cooking/food pick up volunteer roles get taken quite quickly so I volunteered as a Host. I didn’t really know what that entailed but thought I’d give it a shot.


I went to my first session today and the volunteers were all really friendly and everyone got tucked in to their roles and tasks. 

So here’s a quick summary of how it all works:

  1. A designated local grocery shop donates surplus food that they are no longer able to sell on shop floor to the hub on the morning of the event.
  2. The FoodCycle team collect the items from the shop and transport it back to the  Hub kitchen 
  3. After reviewing all the items they have, they have to decide what to cook up within a certain timeframe so that the food is ready for when the guests arrive. I think this is simply incredible, as they can’t plan ahead as they don’t know what ingredients they’ll have, they literally have to think of something at their top of their head, go with the flow and make the most of what they have got! It shows that despite having a limited set of resources, it is still possible to create delicious nourishing dishes! 
  4. Guest arrive and the food is served! Any additional leftovers are then given out at the end for people to take home. 


My role as a host required me to set up the tables, interact with the guests and serve the food. Some of the guests were regulars and it was really heartwarming to hear some of them only started coming a few months back and have made friends with others. 

It’s amazing how FoodCycle has created these pockets of communities and brought people together from different paths across the UK. Some of the guests that came today didn’t even have any food, they came for the social aspect! It’s safe to say I’ll definitely be returning to volunteer at a FoodCycle Hub soon! 

Oh and lastly, the food cooked was absoutley delicious, I still can’t get over the amazing things you can create in a short amount of time!

To find out more information on how to get involved, click here

KP x

The run up to my first half marathon – The final part

It’s been a week since the Leeds Half. Its safe to say my 3-4 Months of training finally paid off! (I also apologise for the irregular posts at the moment!, I’ll try to get better)

On Sunday May 8th I ran my first half marathon! I chose Leeds half marathon to be my first one as it’s where I went to university. It just seemed like the right thing to do considering a lot of my friends are still there and I love the city!

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